The 15 Best Real Estate Apps for Investors

Over the past decade, the market has exploded with real estate apps for investors. Investing in real estate has been a popular option for earning high returns and generating cash flow. Real estate investing apps offer easy access to a certain complicated investment path. Many of these apps come with few restrictions, low fees, and an educational component that advises novice investors to invest wisely.

Real estate listings cover the gamut of investment opportunities, from single-family homes and rentals to commercial real estate, farmland and fractional equity investments. Below are our picks for the best real estate apps for investors.

What Is the Best Real Estate App?

The best real estate app depends on your specific needs as an investor. Someone interested in short-term rentals may not have the exact needs of a commercial property investor. Perhaps you are just starting your real estate investing journey and are looking for educational content. Your needs will be drastically different from those looking for a real estate app where you can directly invest in real estate.

First determine your needs, then find the real estate apps that best suit your needs.

Best Real Estate App Overall

1. Zillow: Best Overall

Zillow is our top spot overall. Zillow is one of the biggest names in the real estate app market for one reason: it delivers.

The Zillow app provides the best information on home appraisals and historic property information for home buyers and investors. The app also allows you to buy, sell or rent houses.


  • Extensive base of apartments
  • Various calculators and other educational tools.
  • Lots of search filters
  • Real estate agent search function
  • Rental management tools


  • Zillow is ending its Zillow Offers program
  • Home value appraisals may not always reflect the true market value of a home

Best Real Estate Apps for Education and Researching Individual Properties

2. BiggerPockets: Best for Real Estate Investment Education

BiggerPockets calls itself a real estate investing social network. It's also a real estate app packed with tons of free resources for both novice and experienced real estate investors. There are over 1 million members in the BiggerPockets community.


  • Thousands of free resources for real estate investing
  • A powerful online forum for asking questions


  • Professional plans cost money
  • Forums are open to everyone, not just experts.

3. RedFin: Best for MLS Data

Redfin is a favorite of real estate buyers, sellers, and agents. The app includes all the MLS data you need to search for properties. In addition, the lists are updated every five minutes with the latest data.

There is also an option to save and share properties. You can use the app to search for properties or contact a real estate agent.


  • Real-time updates on properties
  • Extensive MLS data on listings
  • Agent Finder Tool


  • There are no rental properties
  • Fees for listing and selling homes on Redfin

4. Best for Finding a Realtor partners with the National Association of Realtors, so property information is updated faster than most real estate apps. Not only can you buy or sell through, but the app also has rental listings. Unfortunately, there is no way to list your property directly through the app. You must contact regarding a partner company or agent.


  • Access the latest MLS data
  • Access to real estate news, insights and guides
  • You can list your home or rental property through


  • There is no way to list your property directly through the app or without an agent
  • Bad customer reviews

    5. Xome: Best for Auction Listings

    Xome is a real estate app with one of the strongest selections of real estate auction listings. Along with detailed MLS information, the Xome mobile app allows you to receive instant notifications of new listings, price drops, open houses and status changes.


  • An extensive database of properties for auction
  • Electronic signing of contracts through a mobile application
  • push notifications


Sellers may reject winning auction bids
Xome does not pre-qualify buyers

6. Trulia: Best for Neighborhood Research

Trulia is one of the best real estate apps for people who want to get to know the neighborhood around a property. The app includes detailed information about the millions of properties listed, local crime rates, school districts, shopping and dining options, local demographics, and more.


  • Detailed neighborhood information
  • Notifications of new homes on the market


  • maps are difficult to read

Best Real Estate Apps for Investment Opportunities

7. CrowdStreet: Best for Commercial Real Estate Funds

CrowdStreet is a real estate investment platform focused on commercial properties. The app allows you to invest in individual property or commercial real estate funds, allowing you to diversify your portfolio with multiple real estate investments. Don't forget to check out our CrowdStreet vs. Fundrise comparison.


  • Ability to invest in multiple properties at the same time
  • individual commercial property
  • Easy to navigate platform


  • High minimum investment
  • Must be an accredited investor
  • limited liquidity

8. Groundfloor: Best for Low Minimum Investments

Groundfloor is a crowdfunding real estate lending and investment platform. It boasts one of the lowest investment requirements ($10) among real estate investment apps. Instead of investing in real estate, invest in high-yielding real estate debt. Ground Floor is a great way for beginners to learn about real estate investing through short-term investment opportunities.


  • Low minimum investment
  • Investments earn an average of 10% interest
  • No Accredited Investor Requirements


  • Limited investment education content available

    9. Fundrise: Best for Beginner Investors

    Fundrise offers low-cost real estate investment opportunities. Crowdfunding's real estate app allows you to invest in eREITS and eFunds instead of individual properties. Fundrise's website does offer some educational content, but it's the $10 minimum investment for an initial account that should appeal to first-time investors.


  • Low minimum investment
  • No Accredited Investor Requirements


  • Charge an annual fee
  • There are no investment opportunities in individual properties

10. PeerStreet: Best for Investing in Loans

PeerStreet is another real estate investment platform that allows you to invest in real estate debt. The app is currently restricted to accredited investors. You can fund your PeerStreet account with as little as $1,000 to get started. PeerStreet uses proprietary technology to match investors with investment opportunities that fit their needs. The app also lets you create automatic investments if you prefer a more hands-on approach.


  • $1,000 minimum funding requirement
  • Detailed investment analysis


  • For accredited investors only
  • otentially high service fees

    11. Roofstock: Best for Single-Family Properties

    Roofstock is a real estate investment platform specializing in single family properties. The platform has also recently launched a short-term rental marketplace. Property listings include detailed information including inspection reports, appraisals, photos, 3D tours, local information and more.


  • Submitting an offer is free.
  • Tons of educational content to learn how to invest in real estate


  • Market fee 0.5% or $500, whichever is higher

    12. Airdna: Best for Short-Term Rentals

    Airdna is a must if you are investing in short term rental properties listed on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and other vacation rental sites. The monthly subscription service gives investors access to seemingly endless market research and data to help them find suitable properties. The Market Minder tool also allows current tenant owners to look at the local rental market for trends and insights to help grow their business.


  • Detailed information about rental markets
  • Different subscription levels for different needs


  • There is no way to invest through the app.
  • Pricing is based on market size

13. Loopnet: Best for Direct Commercial Real Estate

Think of Loopnet as an MLS for commercial real estate. The real estate investment app specializes in commercial real estate, including apartment, industrial and warehouse properties, shopping centers, restaurants, and more. The listings include detailed property information to give investors a more complete picture of the investments available.

You can find commercial properties for sale, rent, auction listings and even businesses for sale. If you want another commercial real estate option, check out our Streitwise review.


  • Detailed property listings
  • Various search filters
  • Save and share your favorite ads


  • Listing Fees for Sellers
  • No additional investment tools or calculators

    14. Avail: Best for Landlords of Long-Term Rentals

    Avail is a property management software for landlords. The app provides tools and resources to find, filter and retain tenants. The app offers a free account option and an unlimited plus plan for $5/unit per month to access premium features such as personalized apps and rentals, a personalized property website, and more.


  • Free account option
  • Rental Property Calculator and other useful tools
  • Tenant screening tools and background checks


  • Can be expensive for owners with hundreds of units

15. AcreTrader: Best for Farmland

Acretrader is a popular real estate crowdfunding investment platform. Instead of single-family homes or commercial real estate, AcreTrader allows you to invest in farmland shares. This is the premier trading app for farmland, especially since Acretrader is run by a team of farmers and land professionals. For competent investors, AcreTrader is a great way to add a unique asset class to your portfolio.


  • A thorough due diligence process
  • Low investment minimum


  • For accredited investors only
  • Annual Management Fees


Investing in real estate can seem like a daunting undertaking for those just starting out. However, real estate investor apps can shorten the learning curve and provide a low-cost starting point for beginners. Savvy investors can also use real estate investing apps to further diversify their assets and explore new ventures anytime online or on a mobile device. Determine the type of real estate investment that is best for you and find a real estate investment app that fits your needs.

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