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The largest marketplace for property management services in the US is All Property Management. They have helped 400,000 property owners find excellent, nearby property managers since they began in 2004. They have made it their duty to assist you in quickly finding the best property manager for your needs.

Allpropertymanagement™ is one of the leading property management firms currently mediating between property owners and managers, they also have reputable roots in real estate and related building investments. To know more about Allpropertymanagement™, peruse this overview dedicated to revealing the roles and benefits cupped by Allpropertymanagement™.

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What is Property management?

A third-party contractor’s daily control over residential, commercial, or industrial real estate is known as property management. In general, property managers are accountable for continuing maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties as well as daily repairs. They typically work with those who own investment assets including shopping malls, industrial parks, private home communities, and apartment and condominium buildings.

Allpropertymanagement™: A Leading Property Management Firm Overview

AllPropertyManagement™ (APM), which is renowned for offering exceptional customer service and an in-depth understanding of the market, is committed to assisting property owners in maximizing their potential for rental income. They provide a wealth of knowledge on real estate investment and property management best practices along with introductions to more than 2,000 local property management firms for potential investors.

Their platform, which was created to be useful for all types of investors, is equally adept at connecting the owner of a single property with a nearby property manager as it is at connecting an institutional investor with the best managers for each property in a sizable portfolio. The network of property managers at AllpropertyManagement provides services for associations as well as single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties.

Owners can quickly and easily find and compare thousands of rental and association management businesses throughout the United States and Canada by visiting the widely popular Allpropertymanagement website. Additionally, AllpropertyManagement provides a user-friendly online resource center with articles, advice, and other resources to help investors make the most of their investments.

Since 2004, AllpropertyManagement, a Seattle-based company, has successfully matched owners of investment properties with capable managers. APM is the industry leader in connecting effective property management with successful property owners because to having the biggest, most active network in the sector.


  • Employment; 11 to 50 workers
  • Headquarters; WA Seattle
  • Type; Not Publicly Held
  • Founded; 2004
  • Specialties; Property management and online lead-generating
  • Locations; Main: 915 E. Pine St. Suite 401,USA, Seattle, WA 98122
  • Website; VISIT HERE

Allpropertymanagement’s Functions

Their primary responsibilities include managing routine activities given by the owners and maintaining the value of the assets they manage while producing cash.

Allpropertymanagement™ Obligations

  1. Evaluating prospective tenants
  2. On behalf of property owners, drafting, signing, and renewing leases
  3. Rent collection
  4. The upkeep of properties, such as landscaping and snow removal
  5. Coordinating the necessary property repairs
  6. Creating and following budgets for property upkeep
  7. Recognizing local, state, and federal laws and rules governing landlord-tenant relationships
  8. Marketing real estate
  9. Controlling other workers
  10. Processing taxes

Do AllpropertyManagement™ worth the Hype?

Owning investment property requires you to keep up with routine maintenance, stay informed about the regulations and laws governing property ownership, and satisfy your renters all at once. These activities take a lot of time and are not simple. These are the only tasks that All Property Management concentrates on, and they excel at them.

The largest marketplace for property management services in the US is All Property Management. They have helped 400,000 property owners find excellent, nearby property managers since they began in 2004. They have made it their duty to assist you in quickly finding the best property manager for your needs.

They are pleased that they have developed so many successful working relationships with property managers, enabling owners to achieve their financial objectives, expand their portfolio, and take excellent care of their residents and investments. The Allpropertymanagement™ staff are there to help and provide guidance at every stage of the journey.

The largest online network of property management firms is called All Property Management. Rental property owners use the website to look into their possibilities for property management and to get in touch with firms whose services are a good fit for them. It’s imperative to emphasize that they are among the 30 Top Property Management companies in the US

Benefits of Choosing Allpropertymanagement’s


One of the little-known benefits of using a third-party property management company like Allpropertymanagement is the layer of protection against liability a capable property manager gives to the portfolio of a novice investor. Opportunistic tenants may make erroneous claims regarding unfair rent-collecting methods, wrongful eviction procedures, and careless upkeep. Many of the inaccurate accusations made against an investor can be refuted by AllpropertyManagement.


Property management is what AllpropertyManagement does for a living and is proficient at. They have gotten better at knowing what to look for in a good tenant as a result. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate that engaging Allpropertymanagement will result in a property having better tenants, which is fantastic news for landlords. Owners will have a better experience if their tenants are better.


All property management will not only efficiently and urgently advertise for candidates to fill open positions. Real estate management companies are probably better at filling vacancies than traditional landlords because this is their profession, which significantly reduces the time of vacancies. Meanwhile, by continuing to use the asset, landlords can boost their earnings all year long.


Investors will have access to Allpropertymanagement’s network of qualified contractors by working with them. You’ll benefit from the contacts the property management already has and save on maintenance expenses. Additionally, the contractors will provide a recommendation, which is quite helpful.


The process is nearly always objectively smoother when working with All property management, thus tenants tend to favor it. As a result, it is usually more pleasant than dealing with landlords directly. Renters are hence more likely to post a positive review after leaving the rental property. When it’s time to locate a new tenant, the same evaluations will increase interest in the property.


Frequently Asked Questions on Allpropertymanagement

Where is the main Office of Allpropertymanagement™?

Seattle, Washington, in the United States, is where All Property Management is situated.

Who are the Rivals of Allpropertymanagement™?

Silverback Strategies, Churchill Forge, and OnHouse are viable substitutes for All Property Management as well as potential competitors


Real estate is under the control of property management, which is often done by a professional property manager or property management firm.

Residential, commercial, industrial, and property used for specific purposes are just a few of the many property kinds that AllpropertyManagement™ can handle.

Allpropertymanagement™ handles all aspects of day-to-day real estate management, from tenant screening to scheduling repairs and upkeep, and is compensated with a fee or a portion of the rent collected from the property. Property owners should ensure that prospective property managers have the appropriate licenses for their state because each state has its own regulations governing the actions of property managers. However, we can tell you that Allpropertymanagement™ is accredited and reputable.

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