Palm Psychic Reading

Each hand will give a palm reader different information, as the left hand represents a person's potential and the right hand represents how that person has managed that potential. A palm reader starts by choosing which hand is ideal to study for a particular exam, then knows what type of hand the client has. There are four types of hands.

Earth hands are usually broad with square palms and fingers. They clearly have thick, rough, calloused skin that has a tanned appearance and palm length equivalent to finger length. Earth hands usually denote a reasonable person who would rather live life than read about it.

Air hands usually have square or rectangular palms with long fingers. They definitely have bad knees and dry skin. The length of the palm is generally equivalent to the length of the fingers. Air hands are deeply learned and constantly curious and thoughtful. They are usually prone to stress and stress.

Water hands usually have short, oval palms with thin fingers. The palm is wider than long, the fingers rise to the height of the palm. Water hands have a place in exceptionally enthusiastic individuals who have a great imagination.

Fire hands usually have square or rectangular palms with reddened skin and more limited fingers than most. The palm is usually more than the fingers. Fire hands are vigorous and restless with little resistance.


Each hand has four lines that are used to capture more specific data than the type of hand gives the reader, while retaining the broader reading data.

The heart line covers all matters of the heart.

The title indicates the insight and cunning of the individual.

The existing string is the default string.

The line of destiny is closely examined with the line of existence to indicate future events.


Studying the bindings on the palm of the hand is the next inside-out progression of palm reading. At the base of each finger is a rubber pad that shows deeper data than lines or hand type;

The Mount of Venus is the huge cushion under your thumb. It is identified with love, instinct, imperative, erotic nature and achievement. A high mount of Venus indicates wildness and excessive indulgence, a low mount indicates someone is persuasive and enthusiastic, and the first level indicates those with almost no income in everyday life.

Mount of Jupiter is under your arrow. It identifies with individual beliefs and authority abilities. A high mount of Jupiter indicates selfishness and a domineering character, if your mount of Jupiter is short, you are intelligent and purposeful, and a level of Jupiter suggests that you need self-confidence.

The Mount of Saturn is under your middle finger. Shows persistence and duty. A high Mount of Saturn indicates an often depressed and shy personality, if the Mount of Saturn is short, you are capable and friendly, and if it is flat, you tend to be anxious.

Mount Apollo (or Sol) is under his thumb. Demonstrates innovative virtuosity and overall satisfaction. A high Sun mount indicates luxury, a low Sun mount indicates someone active, and a flat Sun mount indicates a lack of creative thought.

Mount Mercury is under your little finger. Mercury shows abundance and sharpness. A high Mount of Mercury can indicate someone who might be a liar, a low Mount of Mercury means you are perceptive and adaptable, and a low Mount of Mercury indicates someone who thinks you are hard to convey.

Mount Luna (or Luna) starts under your little finger and runs down the outside of your hand. The Luna circle shows a creative and innovative mind. A high Mount of the Moon indicates someone exceptionally innovative who lives in the mist. Shows compassion and a high possibility of clairvoyance. A low or flat moon mount indicates someone who usually lives in their creative mind, but is good at keeping it under wraps.

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