The Best Love Readings and Relationship Psychics of 2023

Psychic love readings are similar to traditional psychic sessions, except they focus on matters of the heart. He is. Is my partner cheating on me? When will I find my soulmate? A love psychic can provide answers and insights to your love life and relationship questions in real time, over the phone or online chat.

When you speak with a qualified love counselor, you'll gain the clarity you need to follow your heart and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

The best psychic love readings of 2020 Psychic Source

– Top Love & Relationship Expert

  • It is interesting. 10 minutes with a loving counselor for $1.99
  • Kasamba – Best for love spells
  • Asknow – Best for love horoscopes
  • Oranum – Best love compatibility

1) Psychic Source​

Psychic Source is a company that has been providing for the past 30 years. Their experts provide accurate information and guidance for questions about love, marriage, cheating, dating, romantic compatibility and more.

Psychic Source allows you to connect with one of their talented love counselors 24 hours a day via phone call, chat or video reading. Every psychic in the Psychic Source network has a profile page, so you can learn about their abilities and even read reviews from previous clients.

Psychic Source relationship psychics use a number of tools to assist with their readings. Some readers use tarot cards to better understand their situation, while others may use crystals or pendulums. With over 250 online psychic counselors, there's no shortage of options to choose from.

No matter what kind of love advice you need, you can trust the experts at Psychic Source for accurate love predictions and affordable prices.

Why ​I Love Psychic Source

  •  Low introductory rates starting at $0.66 plus three free minutes
  • Readings by phone, chat and video
  • Psychics are rigorously vetted for competency and legitimacy.
  • A mobile app is available to get love and relationship readings
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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2) Keen​ Psychics

In my opinion Keen has the best love psychic readings you will find online. They are not only very accurate, but also very kind and compassionate. Their experts have a wide range of specialties including:

  • dealing with divisions
  • get back with ex
  • Finding your soul mate
  • relationship advice

Keen has over 1,700 online counselors in their network, making them the largest psychic network out there. In addition to love readings, Keen also offers other services such as tarot readings, rune readings, dream analysis and numerology.

Keen offers customers two different options to connect with one of their gifted psychics. You can call their psychic hotline for a phone reading or you can use their chat service to connect online.

If you're ready to talk to a relationship psychic about your love life, you can get a 10-minute love reading for just $1.99.

Why ​I Love Keen

  • Available 24/7 for phone readings and chat readings
  • Intuitive guidance through tarot card reading or clairvoyance
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free daily horoscopes

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3) Kasamba

Kasamba is a company that was founded in 1999 and has done over 4 million psychic readings since then. They offer a number of different services including psychic love readings, fortune telling, dream interpretation, astrology, career predictions and more.

When it comes to love readings, Kasamba psychics cover a variety of topics including;

  • separation and divorce
  • fraud and affairs
  • Have a date
  • close ties
  • Married Life

Kasamba has some of the best love psychics in the industry with some of their online psychics having 20,000 reviews.

One thing I really like about Kasamba is that you can easily sort their online love advisors by profession, number of reviews, customer rating and price. Additionally, each psychic reader has their own profile page where you can learn about their abilities, their background, and their prices.

And the best part is that Kasamba gives everyone 3 free minutes with every new online psychic they try. Whether you are looking for chat options, email readings or phone readings, you can find it all at Kasamba.

Why ​I Love Kasamba

  • Large selection of love psychics.
  • Choose between reading an email, a phone call or a chat session
  • Convenient payment methods such as Paypal and credit card
  • Selection process for all telephone psychologists
  • Free 3 minute love reading at the beginning of each session

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​4) Asknow

Asknow is a website that hosts over 200 different psychics, each with their own intuitive gifts that help them connect with the divine. When it comes to getting love advice online, Asknow is one of the best sites on the web.

Whether you need insight into your relationships or insight into your soul's purpose, Asknow has a wide range of experts ready to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.

These are the different types of services that Asknow offers:

  • Love and sexual compatibility
  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Spirit guides
  • tarot readers
  • energy healing
  • life learning
  • Arithmetic

For your convenience, Asknow offers chat sessions 24 hours a day. Or if you prefer, you can also get a phone reading by calling your psychic hotline. The price per minute for a love reading varies, but they offer an introductory special for first-time customers. You can get a 15 minute psychic love reading for only $10 which is a very good deal.

What I Really Like About Asknow:

  • Excellent customer service
  • The site is easy to use
  • Ratings and positive reviews from all over the internet
  • Affordable minute rates
  • Customer ratings and reviews are displayed on each psychic's profile

​Visit ​​​Asknow

​Why Get A Love Reading Online Instead of In-Person?

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you no longer have to search the internet for a “love psychic near me” to find a love psychic reading in your local area. You may only have one or a few people living near you, but there are thousands of love psychics you can connect with instantly online. Depending on the site you choose, you may even get the first few minutes of your psychic reading for free.

Plus, you no longer have to blindly choose a counselor wondering if the person doing the love readings is the real deal. When you go online, you can read a psychic's biography, see how many clients they've served, learn about their specialties and communication styles, and even view their client testimonials. Instead of being at the mercy of your town's talent, you have a world of psychics at your fingertips.

What Type of Questions Can You Ask a Psychic about Love?


You can ask anything you want during your psychic reading. But our advice is to have a list of psychic questions to ask before the session begins. This allows you to organize your thoughts and save you time and money. As the seconds tick by, the last thing you want to do is waste precious time trying to think about life and relationship issues.

Examples of questions you might ask might include:

  • My husband is cheating on me.
  • When will I find a girlfriend?
  • Is this person after me for my money?
  • Is he going to propose soon?
  • Will I find love? Relations.
  • Am I in a healthy relationship?
  • When will my relationship go to the next level?
  • Is my girlfriend in love with me or is she just waiting for a moment?

There are an infinite number of possibilities. Think about the most pressing questions about your love life and come to your session with them in mind.

Can a psychic predict your partner?

A psychic can tell you if the person you're with is compatible, but unfortunately, fortune telling with spirits is a completely different matter. However, a love psychologist can give you some answers about when you will meet that person or what you can do in your life to attract the ideal relationship.

Is it possible to get a free love reading?

It is natural to want to find a freelance psychic. Psychologists can be expensive. While it's unlikely that all of your love or psychic readings will cost you zero, you can get some low introductory prices that make testing the waters very affordable.

The sites and companies we share in this article offer the first three minutes for free, so you can at least connect with someone for a short time before spending any money.

How accurate are correlation figures?

There may be some variation in the accuracy of the ratio reading. All psychics are different and some are more skilled and experienced than others.

You can make sure you are getting an accurate reading by checking reviews first and finding someone who matches your communication style and has skills in the field that suits your love life situation.

There are also ways to improve your reading accuracy by keeping an open mind and being honest with your rater. Love psychics respond to your energy and vibration, so approach each reading with a positive attitude and a desire and willingness to hear the truth.

How much does a true love psychic cost?

The best love psychics are not necessarily the most expensive. Price is not a factor in reader quality. Most psychic sessions will start at $1 per minute, while others can cost up to $20 per minute. The price of a psychic reading mainly depends on popularity, online presence and years of experience.

It should also be understood that price does not equal quality. There are some amazing psychics who are financially stable and offer their services to help those around them. The ability to provide guidance and help others is enough for them. Most of them wouldn't charge anything at all, but the sites they visit require them to charge a minimum amount.

Take some time to do some research on the love specialist you're considering to make sure it's legit. Set a budget, read customer reviews on their site, and go with the psychic you get the best energy from.

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