How Much Does It Cost To See A Psychic ?

While there are well-known psychics who charge up to $1,000 an hour, most psychic readings cost between $100 and $350 an hour. However, phone psychics and online psychics usually charge by the minute, which can range from $1 to $19 per minute.

The price range for a psychic reading will depend on several factors, including:

  • Level of psychic experience
  • Demand for your services
  • Reading type
  • Psychological location. are they local or online?
    As you can see, the cost of psychic services can vary quite a bit and depends on a number of different things. The real question is whether an expensive psychic reading is worth the investment.

In this guide, we'll dive into how much a psychic reading costs, the factors that affect the price, and how much you can expect to pay for each type of reading.

The Price of a Psychic Reading

As mentioned, the average psychic value can vary quite a bit. You can find free and cheap psychic readings by students or beginners trying to gain experience. Famous psychics, on the other hand, can charge almost any price. Sessions typically fall into one of three price categories:

Price of In-Person Sessions ($100-300 per hour)

A private session costs $100 to $300 per hour. These psychics often host private or semi-private events or parties where they offer one-on-one readings with guests. The intimate setting provides a fun and engaging way to engage and entertain people.

Psychics are more affordable when there are event prices. For example, if you hire a psychic for a four-hour corporate retreat, you can negotiate a discount. That might mean paying a regular $200 for the first hour and $150 for each hour. This arrangement is ideal for allowing a large group to enjoy a new experience and glimpse into their future.

Price of Online Psychics ($1-10 per minute)

Online psychics are among the most affordable options. Part of that is the lack of overhead, which translates into savings for customers. Online psychics don't need to worry about running a store or paying operating costs.

Readings are similar to face-to-face, even though you don't have the same level of intimacy. The cost of a psychic reading varies as a result of the experience and reputation of the psychic. Be sure to look for free or discounted minutes so you can check the psychic's legitimacy before committing completely. Take a look at our top recommended psychics if you need help choosing a good reader.

Price of Celebrity Psychics (over $1,000 per hour)

Famous psychics are in great demand. Some of the better known media include Matthew L. Fraser, Thomas John, and Tyler Henry. Each has top-notch clients and its own TV show. Their popularity allows them to charge over $1,000 an hour.

Jane Wallace is a famous psychic who has read everyone from Kate Hudson to Kim Kardashian West. It has three stores called Psychic Sisters in the UK and the US. While some psychics like Frasier and Henry are so expensive that they only get exclusive dates, Wallace is quite affordable. The average cost of your psychic reading is $250 per half hour.

Factors That Determine How Much Money a Psychic Charges

There are many reasons why one psychic may charge $1 an hour and another may charge $1,000. Some of the most important considerations are experience, availability, brand, and type of reading. Here's how each factor affects psychic reading prices.

Experience Level

Experience is the most important factor when choosing a psychic reading. While low prices aren't always a sign of low quality, many affordable psychics are hobbyists looking to gain experience. They can only do psychic readings on the side instead of making it their sole source of income.

Intermediate psychics usually have several years of experience. Many charge an hourly rate that increases with years of training and reputation. Check out intermediate psychic reviews to make sure their experience level matches their price.

The best psychics charge more for their services. They often have their own home base and have dedicated their lives to helping others on their journey. Some of the best psychics perform private seances or shows in front of live audiences.

Availability (demand for their services)

Remember learning about supply and demand in economics class? Those principles apply to both psychics and the free market. A psychic only has a limited amount of time to do readings. the more people want their time, the more the psyche will need to moderate the demand.

Thomas John is a famous psychic who has advised celebrities such as Sam Smith, Jenna Dewan and Jennifer Lopez. He even has a TV show on Lifetime called Seatbelt Psychic. Its widespread popularity has created an insatiable demand for its services.

While you don't have to be a celebrity to access a celebrity psychic, you do need patience. John's $800 one-hour phone sessions have a multi-year waiting list. She also does emergency readings that cost $375 for 15 minutes or $1,275 for an hour.

Independent Psychic or Part of a Larger Network?

There are two types of psychics: those who are independent and those who are part of a network. A free psychic is the same as a freelancer. They often offer in-person sessions and charge based on your overall experience level.

Networks are usually more affordable because they have a full team of psychologists. Some of the larger psychic networks include Psychic Source, Keen, and Kasamba. All of these organizations offer phone calls and chat readings along with free horoscopes and a money-back guarantee. Rates start at around $1 per minute.

The Cost Associated With Different Types of Readings

Some forms of psychic readings require years of study and experience to master the craft. The higher the skill required, the higher the cost.

Tarot Reading Costs

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each of which has its own unique imagery and symbolism. The cards represent spiritual lessons or trials and tribulations we may face.

Tarot readers should spend a lot of time getting to know their cards and the different tarot spreads. Tarot card readings can vary in price depending on the type of spread you require. Some tarot readers charge based on an hourly rate. The value of others depends on the type of tarot spread.

You can expect to pay the following for tarot card readings:

  • Beginner Reading: Free – $10
  • Intermediate Experienced Reader: $60-$80 per hour
  • Celebrity/Premium Readers $120+/hr


Astrology readings are notoriously more expensive than other types of psychic services. Astrologers need years of experience to learn how to read birth charts.

There are many psychic sites online that will tell you your sign and give you an overview. But an astrologer can give you an in-depth personal reading tailored specifically to you. An astrological birth chart reading can cost anywhere from $100 to $300.

Palm Reading

Palm reading is another special skill set, but it's usually cheaper than the two above. Palm readers can analyze the meaning corresponding to the palm lines. Depending on the time and depth of the psychic reading, prices may vary. For example, a quick palm reading can cost about $10. An hour-long palm reading can cost up to $90 on average.

Final Thoughts

The key to an enjoyable reading is finding an affordable psychic you trust. While it's tempting to spend hundreds of dollars on experienced or well-known psychics, there are many quality options available for a fraction of the cost. The important thing is that reading helps you find joy and the confidence to face whatever life throws at you.

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