MaxBounty Approval Method

Now this method requires nothing more than common sense and willpower to achieve.
done and your Maxbounty request will be approved if you try.

Be sure to write down every piece of information used in the MaxBounty request. Just to be sure.
Create an email or use it if you have one, any email you use can be used.

Use your real details like name, address, city, zip code etc. Because they ask you to verify your account using a government issued ID card or passport and you have to upload your documents.

Create a Skype account with real information and email.
Phone number, now download a text/call app on your phone (eg textplus, textme up) i
I usually don't like to use my personal number, but you can if you want.

Main Method

Then think of a niche (eg health, fitness, dating, vpn) type health in the search bar, hit search and scroll
through the search results and select a site. I advise you to go to page 2 or 4, copy
its URL and use it as your own.

Start filling information according to MaxBounty. About the composition of the company name.
eg JenrylRinui Retro. In my opinion, it doesn't really matter, just make something up.
On the last page of the experience request, choose something like the one created
campaigns and made little “interim” profit. When asked to describe affiliate marketing above
experience shows the different networks you've worked with and how much you've earned. (for example:
I have advertised offers for the name of the network(s) and have earned ××× dollars ××× with them
of time)

On that same page, write a short statement/paragraph about how you will promote
your offers, what kind of traffic source, how many offers you will test (eg I will be
Promotion of xxxxx offers using traffic source ××××…)

After sending through the app, verify your email with MaxBounty. You should know at least the basics of affiliate marketing. I don't know your line of questions
interview, but to prepare, know some of the traffic sources you would use, such as search,
social, native, etc. The type of offers you want to promote, etc. This stage requires extra effort.
Typically, you can be on the phone for 5-10 minutes, so you should know a few details.
This concludes my MaxBounty application method. I hope this benefits whoever puts it up

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