Google AdWords Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are doing affiliate marketing or you want to promote your website or you need to promote your client's business then you need to place ads on Google Adword.

First you need to search google about google Adword, then click on google ads site, when the site opens, click sign in with your Gmail. And you will be redirected to Google AdWord account. Then click on create account and post your first ad, if you want to promote your own website, click on “Website Traffic”. If you want to promote your video, you must select Video. If you want to call for your business, you should choose CALL Ads.

How Google Ads work

Google Adword works on Pay Per Click (PPC). That means you need to target your audience with the help of Keyword. Additionally, you can select an offer using your keyword.

Types of Google Ads

Google Adword allows you to create different types of campaigns such as

  1. graphic campaigns

2. Search campaigns

3. Video campaigns

4. Shopping campaigns

5. App Promotion Campaigns

6. Call campaigns

Optimize your landing page

If you're into affiliate marketing and don't have a website, you'll need to create your own landing page. You can easily build and create your landing page from

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